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Pasta and Wine Bitmap SVG Font


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Say hello to Pasta and Wine!

A fun and super-casual painted Bitmap SVG font that's Lighthearted and full of pizazz!

Perfect for bold and cheeky handpainted posters, greeting cards and branding 🙂

Pasta And Wine includes 2 styles:

BIG : All-caps bold lettering - dont forget to toggle between uppercase and lowercase keystrokes for different styled uppercase alternates.


SMALL : A matching font with lowercase letters, with option Opentype ligatures to add to a more natural hand lettered look.

Both are available in Regular (non SVG versions).

TIP: To get the "and", in the Big font type the "&" character and in the little font type the letters "and" 🙂

BONUS: Illustrations included! As Vector, Illustrator , EPS, PNG, Photoshop and pdf.

Language Support: English Only, but some common diacretics are included (see previews)

I hope you enjoy!!



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