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BABOO font


When I see their advertisements,

I always want to know what is the font they use.


Their branding is just great. Especially the corporate font.


I know only one thing about it: the graphic identity (including the font)

was created by Interbrand.


Check the Baboo branding about here: http://www.flybaboo.com/flybaboo/en/en-en/flybaboo/flight-finder/information/baboo-branding


You can flick through their magazine for see what the font look like: http://asp.zone-secure.net/v2/index.jsp?id=1098/1382/6543&lng=fr




It contains a set of alternates as you can see below. For e.g: The tail of the R can be short or long (first image)

If someone own or know how to own it please tell me!




The thing that I like the much in this font is its readability and simplicity and the playful alternates which are so cool.

If you know another font that presents the same things, then tell me again.





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