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Corporate fonts (several)


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I only found the names of this fonts (here) -

and I guess they are corporate fonts.

Maybe someone can help with any of them?


ArgosTGBody Bold
ArgosTGBody Bold Condensed
ArgosTGBody Regular
ArgosTGBody Regular Condensed
ArgosTGDisplay Bold
ArgosTGDisplay Bold Condensed

BSS Copyright Black
BSS Copyright Bold
BSS Copyright Bold Italic
BSS Copyright Extra Bold
BSS Copyright Extra Light
BSS Copyright Extra Light Italic
BSS Copyright Light
BSS Copyright Light Italic
BSS Copyright Regular
BSS Copyright Regular Italic

Homebase Bold
Homebase Extra Bold
Homebase Light
Homebase Medium

Meta Action for Children Bold
Meta Action for Children Book

NCH Stencil

Oce Garamond
Oce Garamond Bold
Oce Garamond Bold Italic
Oce Garamond Italic

Samsung Modern
Samsung Modern Condensed

TSO MetaBold
TSO MetaNormal

WNDC Agenda Black
WNDC Agenda Bold
WNDC Agenda Light
WNDC Agenda Medium


TIA for checking your collection !

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Guest LoremIpsu.me

Samsung Imagination Modern - OT

(Bold, Bold Cnd, Regular, Regular Cnd)



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Guest Santa1229

How stupid of that guy.. you can only download the list of fonts??? And what am i gonna use that for??

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