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Highway Fonts - Road Signs


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ASTRA-Frutiger (CH)




Is the font used on the highways in Switzerland.

That is a variant of the Frutiger with some modifications that gives more legibility. Adrian Frutiger himself was consulted for the re-design.

It is licensed under Linotype and sold officially 100 swiss francs here:http://www.swisstraffic.ch/d/Shop/in...er_schrift.htm


Preview: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3101/...cdbfe3c583.jpg




''South central region shop''. Road sign makers.


©2008. All rights reserved WSDOT @ Flickr


FHWA stands for Federal Highway Administration. That is the name of the series of the fonts used on motorways in the USA and Canada.

Its variant is the Interstate made by Hoefler Frere-Jones.


Check here:





Transport (UK)




And this one which is sold at MyFonts and licensed under URW++,

is one of my favourites… Strange that I haven't seen it here.



HA! Just found 'Transport' ! …But that is not the URW++ version,

there is some differences, that is a reproduction from the official (check MyFonts link above) I'm still requesting.

Here is the version I found, very good as well: DOWNLOAD IT!


And here is a very interesting link (with font downloads) that targets English citizens and the ones who are interested in a very clear type about British roads fonts





Signal (FR)




Signal family is again manufactured by URW++.

It is used under another name on the roads in France.

It goes from Signal N°1 to N°4.







Do you have any of these ? Thank you very much.


I think it is a good subject to introduce here. Legibility of fonts is a topic widely discussed today.


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Guest LoremIpsu.me

DIN Mittelschrift/Engschrift - Germany

FHWA Series Fonts+Clearview - USA/Canada

FHWA Series Fonts (modified) - Australia

Transport+Motorway - Great Britain

L1+L2, L3+L4 - France

ANWB-Ee+ANWB-Uu - The Netherlands

Mittelschrift/Engschrift Austria - Austria

ASTRA Frutiger - Switzerland

Trafikkalfabetet - Norway

Dansk Vejtavleskrift - Denmark

Autopista+Carretera Conventional - Spain

Transport (Modified) - Iceland

SNV regular + SNV condensed - Belgium (Download)

Traffic Type Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Tratex - Sweden


The U.S. National Park Service uses NPS Rawlinson Roadway found here (also links to Clearview Highway - US/Canada)

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