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Galdino Otten


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free dingbat, display and grunge fonts by brazilian illustrator galdino otten:



despite being free (and very new -- almost all of them from 2010, many updated in august and september this year), quite a few of them are digitally signed ... i'd say that this is unusual for free fonts which are not bundled with another product. even more so, as a digital signature has to be purchased, if i'm not mistaken.


previews @ dafont (click on the fonts to open up bigger previews) are included as pdfs in the archive:



download here:



Font Name			Obtained	PDF Preview	Weights

60s Pop				X		X		001
Action of the Time		X		X		003
Almost Sanskrit Taj		X		X		002
BSB DF 50			X		X		001
Cordel				X		X		002
Dot Spot			X		X		001
Fine Serif			X		X		001
Haus Sweet Haus			X		X		001
Inga Stone Signs		X		X		001
Insight Issue			X		X		002
Iron H Metal			X		X		001
kidS Written			X		X		001
Movie Filmstrip			X		X		001
Ochent Silibrina		X		X		001
Ode 2 Paste Up			X		X		001
Park Tech CG			X		X		001
Saltpeter N Fungus		X		X		001
Sport 4 Ever			X		X		001
Square Chalk			X		X		001
Stretched Signature		X		X		003
Sustainable Amazon		X		X		001
Texture Road			X		X		001
Ugly Cars			X		X		001
Very Damaged			X		X		002
Wide Square			X		X		002
Xilo Cordel Literature		X		X		001
Xilo Galdino			X		X		002
Xilo in Zodiac			X		X		001
Zodiac Nice			X		X		001

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Could someone please re-up the AIO collection? TY !

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Guest LoremIpsu.me
Could someone please re-up the AIO collection?


AIO collection (as shared)




Thanks to cameosis!

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