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Skeldale House Treasures - Robyn Phillips


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Robyn Phillips creates machine embroidery designs, but in the late 1990s, she created more than 180 fonts, most of which aren't currently available on any download sites. Most of the fonts in this share were obtained from Luc Devroye. I had about ten of them, and I thought he might have a few more. He did, more than 175 that I didn't have!


The vast majority of these are dingbats, but there are quite a few alphabet fonts, and a couple of letterbats.


List of fonts in the archive:


HAUNTED CAPS, NA-flute5, Ornate1, Ornate2, Ornate5, Ryp childA, Ryp childC, Ryp fiestaB, ryp FloralPick, Ryp xmasbells, ryp_abctrain, ryp_animal1, ryp_animal2Regular, ryp_animal3, ryp_animal4, ryp_animal5, ryp_aquatic1,

ryp_birds1, ryp_build_01, ryp_butterfly1, ryp_butterfly2, ryp_button1, ryp_button2, ryp_button3, ryp_button4, ryp_cartoonbug, ryp_cats1, ryp_cats2, ryp_child1, ryp_china6a, ryp_china6b, ryp_chinart1, ryp_chinart1a, ryp_chinart2, ryp_chinart3, ryp_chinart4, ryp_chinart5a, ryp_chinart6, ryp_chinart7, ryp_chinart7a, ryp_deco1, ryp_deco2, ryp_deco3, ryp_deco4, ryp_deco5, ryp_deco6, ryp_deco7, ryp_deco8, ryp_deco9, ryp_element1, ryp_element2, ryp_evil, ryp_fat1, ryp_fiesta1, ryp_fiesta2, ryp_flora5, ryp_flora6, ryp_flora7, ryp_flora8, ryp_flora9, ryp_flora10, ryp_flora11, ryp_floral1, ryp_floral2, ryp_floral3Regular, ryp_floral4Regular, ryp_frame_01, ryp_halloween1, ryp_hearts, ryp_ladieshat, ryp_leaves1, ryp_NA_flute5, ryp_nature3, ryp_nymphic, ryp_oldworldart1, ryp_oldworldart2, ryp_oldworldart3, ryp_oldworldart4, ryp_ornate1, ryp_ornate2, ryp_ornate3, ryp_ornate4, ryp_ornate5, ryp_ornate6, ryp_ornate7, ryp_quilt_01, ryp_quilt_08, ryp_quilt_10, ryp_realbug, ryp_rope1, ryp_rope3, ryp_santa2, ryp_scarey, ryp_sflake2, ryp_sflake3, ryp_sflake4, ryp_sflake5, ryp_sflake6, ryp_sflake7ryp_sflake, ryp_sflake7Regular, ryp_sflake8, ryp_sil1, ryp_sil2, ryp_sil03, ryp_sil04Regular, ryp_sil05Regular, ryp_sil06, ryp_sil07, ryp_sil08, ryp_sil09, ryp_sil10, ryp_sil11, ryp_sil12, ryp_sil13, ryp_sil14, ryp_sil15, ryp_sil16, ryp_sil17, ryp_sil18, ryp_sil19, ryp_sil20, ryp_snata1, ryp_snowflake1, ryp_thanks, ryp_trans1, ryp_trans2, ryp_trans3, rpp_trees1, ryp_victorian1a, ryp_victorian2a, ryp_victorian3a, ryp_woodcut1, ryp_woodcut2, ryp_woodcut3, ryp_woodcut5, yp_woodcut6, ryp_woodcut14, ryp_woodcuts4, ryp_woodcuts10, ryp_woodcuts11, ryp_woodcuts12, ryp_woodcuts13, ryp_xmas1,ryp_xmas2, ryp_xmas3, ryp_xmas4, ryp_xmasbells, ryp_xmascaps, rypaquatic1, rypbutterfly1, rypbutterfly2, rypcats1, rypelement1, ryphearts, rypladieshats2, rypquilt1, rypquilt2, rypquilt3, rypquilt4, rypquilt5, ryprealbug, rypsflake3, rypsflake4, rypsflake5, rypsflake6, rypsnowflake1, rptran1, rptrees1


ryp_chinart1 and ryp_chinart1a:




Download: http://www.sharemole.com/0ubopuzz/



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