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ECAL Typefaces


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Anyone has this? Name unknown.



Thanks in advance!

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ÉCAL collection. Thanks to all the rippers and sharers. https://www.mediafire.com/file/lurbt28om9ehhxy/%C3%89CAL.zip/file

_ÉCAL trials
Augustyn Display wfr
Bruna wfr
Buzz Black wfr
Charon wfr
Claudia Shouter wfr
Concern wfr
Fexy Sans wfr
Fifty wfr
Frivole wfr
Gioco wfr
Hemon Script wfr
Kaffi wfr
Le Colonel wfr
Mamertus Serif
Max Fett Black wfr
Mediaan wfr
Miniature Display wfr
Mona Mono wfr
Monty wfr
Mule (probably original)
New Burns wfr
Opale wfr
Outside wfr
Palais wfr
Parabole 2.001-2.200
Picara Dual wfr
Review Mono wfr
Rungli wfr
Stretch wfr
Super wfr
Terrazzo wfr
Teta wfr


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