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Type Revivals Trafton

Guest porpor

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Guest porpor

anyone who has type revivals. I'm requesting for Trafton





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Type Revivals (OT/TT): Blackboard (w Lined), Boomerang (OT/MAC), Camera Stencil, Eclipse Caps, Express, Flair, Helvin (w Black), Kleukens, Sans Plate Caps, School Script (TT) and Washington Text


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Guest Neocount

Collectors might want to note that Assay Rimmed & Assay Extra Condensed are not actual TR creations, but were fonted by Aldus in 1999. I think Assay.ttf was, too; Aldus's name does not appear in the copyright info, but he did put the year in (1999), like he did with the others.


My additions:


Alpine White, Automation, Binner Gothic, Binner, Claudius, CollegeCaps, Engraved,

GaelicCaps, GoudyMediaeval, School (10 styles), Shalom, Sukiaki (all PC Type 1).


And last but not least, Trafton (ttf) by Dan Solo -- sorry, I don't have the TR version.


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Guest Acrux

porpor, I don't have Trafton from Type Revivals,


but if U wish, here are some "clones" & variants of Trafton....:o))

Cornet (Fantazia)
Cornet (Miles Inc.)
Cornet (Publisher Paradise)
Cornet (WSI)
Coronation (QT)
Coronation Script (SWFTE)
Coronet (ADOBE)
Coronet I (URW++)
Coronet Script (SSI)
Coronet Std [LT]
Trafton Script (Dover-SoloType)

and a quick conversion to otf with TransType.

_[url="http://www.zshare.net/download/52465349658293ac/"]zSHARE - Trans-Ton.zip[/url]





Off Topic:


Thank You o: lejane, You're incredible ::XX!!!

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